Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Al Loving

In 2003 I started working with Al Loving. He was an amazing artist and person. He worked as an abstract expressionist in the 70's into the early 2000's. 

This piece is called Barbara in Spiral Heaven. We found it tucked in a corner in the studio in 2006. I have been wanting to restore it and get it back on the wall from the moment I saw it.  I got my chance this year. I restored it for the Al Loving show in May for the Garth Greenan Gallery.

I'm very happy with the way it turned out!

This is also a very special piece to me. It is a torn canvas piece Untitled from 1974 -1975.
It is now in the National Gallery. 

BTW this piece is way bigger then it looks in this picture.

If you like art look up Al! 

Thursday, September 3, 2015


This is Lunabug!

She is a cutie! Look at that face!

She love to snuggle and is just a happy girl.
You can sometimes hear her purring from a room away.

This one love the catnip!

She is very independent and will yell at me
if I tell her to get her head out of the blinds.

She is always helpful when I'm working on something.

When she gets feisty she gets crazy tail.

She like to wave at us.

She loves a basket.

That is our little girl!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

August Art Festival and Rosendale Rail Trail

The Women's Studio Workshop has started a lovely art festival here in Rosendale. They had workshops, performances, videos and installations along to rail trail.

 Here are the installations along to rail trail. Having what I like to think is an outdoor gallery is the best! I always enjoy waking the trail and this brings a bigger smile to my face to have art all around me!

Golden Rule by Tatana Kellner

Inhale by Sue E Horowitz

Fugitive Color by KristenRego

Chaise (basics) by Matthias Neumann

Mailboxes by Chris Victor

Seeing Far, Seeing Deep by Joy Taylor

the sky is falling and it's fireflies by Toisha Tucker

In which we come to know the greater part of the stomach that lies outside of the body by SPURE

This perforce piece was a blast! It was like the forest had its own mascots and they wanted you to join in. Semblance by Margeaux Walter

Here I am chilling with my friend the grass.

My friend the tree. On a side note I had no idea my friend was in this costume until he said "thank you Allison". Creeped me out for a second until I realized it was him. Then I had a good laugh!

Chris cuddling a rock.

A waving birch tree.

Jumping with the leaves.

This super cool trestle. My friend told me to "hug the trestle" and I was so confused until I saw this. 

For the closing party they had the Cave Dogs do a shadow performance which was beautifully done and a joy to watch. Here is a link to the video take a look! https://vimeo.com/70910068

I missed some things here and there but enjoyed what I did see. Here are links to the participating arts I missed.

Wayfinding Series by Emily Puthoff and Elena Sniezek
I am sad to have missed this one because they are both my teachers from college and I would have love to see what they are making.

Melissa Jay Craig

Emily Speed


Barbara Westermann

 I heard that the rail trail installation will stay up for a few more weeks if you want to see. Here is a link to the festival page. http://www.wsworkshop.org/program/august-art-festival/

As a side note I did not take all of these pictures and I'm not sure who to credit. If you know please tell me. Thank you!!!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Some Surgery and a Wedding = Hiatus

Hello all!
I have been gone for a good bit here because a whole lots has happened to me. 

I had a surgery that when wrong and I got a super dumb infection. It took me months to feel healthy  again but I'm here and doing good. Yay! Never take your health and well being for granted because it sucks to feel sick for months!

On to better news I got hitched! Woot! So, I never thought I really wanted to get marriage but then I meet this nice guy. We dated for like seven years and I had to go to the hospital. (not the best few years for my health) Any how he came to take care of me and I was so happy they let him in the hospital like he was family. I realized we were family and maybe we should make official. 

So marriage! We had some great pizza, steam buns, unicorn poop, a s'more station and a mustard bar. Plus some wacky music and our photobooth fun time photo booth all in my mother in law's garden. Here are some photos.

Here is the garden!

I made my dress! I was super happy with it.

My friend did my awesome hair.

Bride and Groom

We made little Funko Pop Vinyl of us!

This is the decor in the tent.

We had a small wedding and decided to personal the gifts.

The card cage with pterodactyl.

My friend made this mouth watering cake. Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache one had peanut butter the other fresh raspberries and raspberry jam! So good!!!

Everyone had a great time with the photo booth props.

Around 8ish we watched the night bloomers.

Plus we had a Port-o-potty Tardis.